Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sunshine, Shrews, and a radioactive cat.

The shrew is near as damn it done. Just some whiskers and little bits to finish up. Wonder what to do next? Maybe a badger. Yeah, a badger might be fun to paint.

Today has been sunny and warm for this time of year, so I turfed all the cats out, after Pie nearly killed me, and my beloved laptop as I was bringing it down from the spare room, by sitting on the stairs. My computer mouse and shoulder were the only things damaged. So, out they went, the dirty poop machines. They find creative ways to poop near there litter trays, but not actually in them. I can virtually see them sitting in a furry cluster, discussing the matter at hand.

Pie "tonight I think I shall create a long poop, maybe  behind the litter tray, where they will not see it for a day, or maybe on the radiator knob"
Mystery "I concur sir, I concur, this will surely both please and amuse them. Lady Mim, what is your opinion?"
Mim "I kill you" *hisses*
Pie " Mim your poops lack mass but are rich in fragrance, so you have to put in less effort in your presents"
Mystery "Agreed. So a long coiler behind the litter tray, and a radiator adornment it is. They will be so pleased"
Pie "I shall get to work, then go and sleep on fathers face. Stand back!"
Mim " I kill you" *hisses*

Then they all wander off and pretend to hate each other. Anyway, they went out, I got some painting done, and  *shock* some house work. I am now a domestic god. Sort of. Pie is sunning himself, Absorbing sunlight until he glows, mystery is back in and asleep on my laundry, and Mim is out....somewhere.... *looks nervously around* She is probably committing an atrocity in a neighbors garden, she's like that.

I sit here in the warm, plotting your demise.


  1. I love your blog, I love the name Mim for a cat, and I love shrews.
    Their noses are so woffly.

    I seem to recall someone putting a clear bowl over a vole that had wandered into their house... it was also in a state of rage and seemed to double in size under the bowl. I shall have a think about who that was.

  2. Thank you :D
    we have had voles, shrews, and a really angry mole, all of whom have left the house full of anger, and in a bowl....might have been us.


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