Friday, 10 February 2012

Badger or Fox... you decide.

I really can't make my mind up, Badger or Fox for my next piece? Maybe I should lock a them both in a room, with a knife on a chair, and tell them only one will be coming out. Hmmmmm.
O.K, now I am mentally going of in a *badger and fox in plate armour, riding cat drawn chariots, to battle their nemesis, the beagle*, tangent in my brain. I worry about myself sometimes, I really do.
In other news, all is quiet in the world of cats, which makes me suspicious that they are plotting something. Mystery is asleep next to me, snoring, and interspersing the snores with the gentle sound of him breaking wind, which is nice. Pie is the gods alone know where, but is probably thinking about food, and Mim is pretending to be asleep on my dining tables chair, waiting for something to go by, so she can kill it.
And slowly, she drew her plans against us.

Please bung a comment in the comment box, and the most mammalian votes, wins!


  1. I'd like to see a badger! And a fox. But badger first, I think!

    R. x

  2. Woo! Only by one...

    R. x


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