Sunday, 5 February 2012

A world of pain and odd smells

OK painting on hold. I think its sinusitis, but it feels like someone is hammering icicles into my top teeth, whilst they put hot coals up my left nostril and into my ear. This displeases me somewhat, and means I didn't sleep last night, although i did get a couple of hours this morning, and saw Ruth off to work at half past six.. It seems to be easing up a bit today though, so fingers crossed. In other news. How does a cat as small as Mr Pie manage to make a smell that fills an entire house? Really.....I awoke to a pong like the gates of hell had been opened, and those gates were made of cat crap. Cue much running around swearing, with joss sticks, and a can of oust.
I am a feline WMD.

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