Monday, 27 February 2012

Crabadger and the defiled chicken.

The Badger is finished! Next will be the Hedgehog. I was just finishing the badgers foot off <not a phrase you hear every day>, when I mused out loud to myself, "just needs some work on the claws" Why oh why did the image of a badger with crab claws for front feet spring unbidden to my mind?

How a crabadger might look, if I ruled the world.
It would be pretty awesome  though, I could use it to fight the spectacled bear from the last post. Cue the star trek fight music again.
Focus, focus..........yes......badger painting. It went very well and I am most pleased, *Strokes beard like a super villain*, most pleased indeed.

In cat related news. Yesterdays roast chicken was lovely. I stripped the remaining meat for tonights curry, and then ambled off in my normal, slightly confused manner <think of a fourteen stone butterfly with a beard and biker boots> leaving the ribcagey bit of the bird on a plate. Some time later I heard a thump from the kitchen, but being distracted by internet land, thought nothing of it, until Ruth,  going to the kitchen, started shouting at Mr Pie. I investigated further, to find the kitchen floor decorated with greasy swirls, and the dishevelled carcass nibbled, laying on the floor. The apricot horror looked guilty but unrepentant. That cat would be rubbish at poker. After all, he has no thumbs.


  1. I reckon that crabadger would be pretty harmless if it was the right way up - all its energies would be taken up trying to balance on its pointy pincers. But on its back, deadly :) When do we get to see the painting?

    1. heh, when i can figure out how the hell to watermark paintings.

  2. Your blog makes me laugh so much. I will never be able to read it at work for the fear of laughing out loud like a cackling witch in the office.
    *salutes the awesome*

    1. :D awwww thanks Ju! I aim to please.


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