Monday, 13 February 2012

Going feral.

Well, not quite. Feral people don't travel by car to get to their destination, and smell a little bit more than me. We went for a walk at our local ruined fort spot <roman camp> to blow the cobwebs out. Mission win! We found what was left of a pheasant, and I stole its bottom feathers. I think it might have been buzzards

All your tail feathers are belong to me.
Ruth was all bundled up in her awesome pixie hood and scarf, and looking all atmospheric, and comfortable in her surroundings.

She can smell your fear.
It was a most pleasant excursion, with trees and birds just getting on with their lives, apart from the dead pheasant, who was getting on with being digested in a tree somewhere.
All told, time well spent.


  1. Hello! Thanks for posting on my blog :) Great blog, love the Common Shrew painting, looking forward to seeing more. Let me know if you'd like high-res versions of any of our wildlifey photos to use as reference material. My evil cat Mittens sends cordial regards to Mystery, Pie and Mim (actually I think she may have a bit of a crush on Mystery...)

    1. Hi! You have some fabulous pics on your site. I f any of your stuff is used, you will of course get all accreditation due to you :D
      I shall have to have a good browse through it all, which I will enjoy.

      The cats send their regards right back, and mystery looks smug.


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