Thursday, 2 February 2012

Rodent rage.

I'm currently painting a common shrew (latin.Sorex Araneus). Yes, I know the old joke of " how do you get it to sit still". They really are weird looking little things, and if you have ever encountered one, you will know how fierce they are......seriously.
Run for your lives, It's noticed you.
 I remember once, mystery cat (mighty hunter of the plains) bought home a live one, and dropped it in the living room. Cheers fuzz face. We chased the little bugger (the shrew, not the cat) around the living room with an empty clear popcorn bucket, and eventually incarcerated the mini monster. Now shrews are small, a bit longer than my thumb, but they seem to be in a permanent state of rage. If a shrew had a meme face it would be like this 

A shrew, in meme form.
Anyway, the rodent psychopath was trying to bite it's way through half a centimeter of rigid plastic, to sink it's fangs into my thumb. Bear in mind they normally eat worms and such.... this critter must have thought  "mmmm big worm....argh force field", as it bounced off the plastic. That or it just hated me. It scarred the plastic. I have never been so cautious turning a captive free as I was releasing the long nosed Chuck Norris wannabe.

Anyhow, I digress....back to the easel.

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