Friday, 17 February 2012

Litter trays as furniture?

Wait what? Mystery, on seeing a freshly cleaned litter tray decided it would make a comfortable seat, despite all the cushions, sofas, chairs, and laps in the house. Cat mentality is puzzling, to say the least.
Not poopin', just sitting.
Sorry for the blurry pic.
Mim tried to eat a passer by last week, I forgot to mention it. She was sitting outside, and I head a voice say "what a cute cat". As Mystery and Pie we asleep indoors, and no other cats use our front wall, it was pretty much guaranteed to be the queen of evil. It went quiet for a few seconds, then there was the growling howl that meant Mim was angered, and a pained voice saying "oh jesus, it bit me". Thats my girl :)

The queen of pain

Not much to report on the painting front, the badger is underway, but i've been under a huge black cloud all week, so have not had much enthusiasm.


  1. Bernadette the vicious bunny sleeps in her litter tray, before carefully selecting her afternoon snack from all the juicy turds on offer. Rabbit behaviour is also weird.

    1. something to do with the evil pointy teeth.


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