Friday, 21 September 2012

Royal dignity fail. It's curtains for the workshop.

Autumn! That season of mellow fruitfulness, and bloody cold workshops, is nigh, if not upon us already. So it is time to put soft furnishy bits in the workshop, to keep out the chill winds that blow. So my project for next week will be getting some form of curtains fitted. I'm thinking maybe the enormous Celtic patterned hanging I am in possession of, might be a winning plan. If It is so, I shall post pics here. Everything is almost in place, just need deskage, storage, and I'm good to go.
Also, some form of butterfly has decided to make its home on the front of the workshop, so when it emerges, I shall have a little butler. I will get it to make me cups of tea, and stuff.

Milk, no sugar? Very good sir. Also I am disguised as a leaf.

To get Meleri out of the house and into some fresh air <cos she's a teenager, and they appear to prefer watching tv to being in the scary outside>, I dragged her out to the nature reserve down by white bridge. She dressed like a goth, <a good look for wandering through muddy woods>, I dressed like an explorer/wildlife type/trampy dad. Camera, and camera phone <mock ye not, modern camera phones can actually get some really good shots that take much longer with a traditional camera> in hand, we crept stealthily round the woods. My thought was to get some shots of mushrooms/berries/autumnyness. Its a bit early for 'shrooms to be in full bloom, which is probably why none were seen, proving I'm not a fungi to be with < guy...geddit?...> But I did get some nice  fruit pics, and even did some "arty" shots. I will be painting the various berries, for seasonal cards mainly.
Pretty, but not advisable to eat.     

Tree stump, or mystic fortress? Yeah....tree stump.
I like the contrast.

 Meleri seemed to like the walk, even though she hissed like a cat and hid her face whenever the sun came out.

Children of the night, how they love to....slouch.....watching...... repeats of  the big bang theory.

Talking of hissing cats...........
Mim, queen of pain, mistress of all roofs, destroyer of mouse faces, paffer supreme, and terroriser of other cats has claimed a newly discovered piece of territory! The ream of basketonia-under-table. A fluffy sheepskinny land, where wicker and purring abounds. She has been setting up court there for a couple of days now, and neither of the other two seem to be interested in staking a claim. Although Mr Pie does lurk on the edge sometimes, as it affords him a good view of Mims feeding place in the bathroom.

Any closer, peasant, and you shall regret not wearing eye protection.

Pie now appears to be sole custodian of the sofa, only having to fight Meleri for sitting rights. He usually wins by emitting gross smells, and shedding on her.
Mine! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha. *parp*
Lord Mystery has claimed bedonia for himself and is now official inwpector of duvets, to add to his already impressive resume. He seems happy in his work.

Mim had a massive dignity fail earlier in the week. She came dashing in from the garden and started scooching her bum on the carpet, like a dog does. This caused much mirth, but i thought I had better investigate, as she was now gnawing at her imperial nether regions. I bravely cornered her, and turned her upside down, to be confronted with a pooey  human hair dangling forth. I got some tissue and removed said offending hair, and was hissed at and bitten for my efforts. She the retreated to her new realm, and paffed my foot and growled at me, every time that I walked past, for about an hour, to restore her damaged pride.
I should have taken pictures and sold them to a French magazine.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Architect cats architects! Pie infests new realms.

So.... a month has gone by. A busy busy month, some good, some bad. The girls had a great holiday, and My daughter has decided to come back and study in the UK, so is now ensconced in the spare room, like a sort of gothy/emo hermit. We are trying to get her into college, but it is a slow slow process, and as you may or may not know, I am SUPER impatient. This is making for some frowny faces. In other news, I also had my "medical assesment" from ATOS<sers>, the people sent by the government to round up the mentally ill, disabled, and handicapped, and make them all be not mentally ill, handicapped, or disabled, by taking their benefits away. Guess what? Yup. they stopped mine. Being mentally ill <depression that would make a Morrisey fan look happy>, having a ruined back <seriously, I make  a sound like a transformer when I sit/stand>, ruined eye sight < to the point where I walked into my own kitchen wall three times today, I only have one eye. The other one isn't happy either>, is apparently not enough. A big fat 0 points. So I, and my component parts, are appealing the descision.
This did lead to a massive mental wobble, and me posting something on facebook, and not even remembering I did it. I'm sorry to anyone who got upset, but I love you all. I am just a bit messed up in the neurochemistry department at the moment. More pills, more blood tests.

In happy news, the workshop has been completed, supervised by Mystery who sat around watching various labours, and offering useful tips. Mim is in charge of interior decor.
Highly shedlike                  

It looked like this... pre mimming.

Wood, giant tapeworm, and discarded instructions.

 After a little tutting, wandering about, sniffing, and telling mystery how to paint, mim came up with this colour scheme.
Mim surveys her jaunty work, Mystery wonders why he is nailed to the top.

bright jaunty interior, just right for leaving mouse faces in

She did a damned fine job, and I'm sure that The boys jaws will stop aching from all the paintbrush holding, soon.
Pie has been working so hard, all he has been able to do is flop into bed at night. He has, on account of his skinny nature, been sat on a few times by humans. This bothers him not.
He just lays there, hogging the bed, farting, snoring , and dribbling. Its like having an extra me sleeping there.
NO NOOOOOO! Just five more minutes!
Mim has, when not decorating, been chasing about waving her tail madly, and hissing at stuff, mainly Pie, and me. I'm not sure what she is up to, but I bet it is evil. It probably involves dead things.
If I glue this to a mouse, It will be good, oh yes, oh yes.
Mystery has become an almost permanent fixture on the roof of the shed. I'm not sure if he is on guard, waiting to hit me on the head as I enter, or if the pesky sun has squashed him again.
None shall pass. Unless they have ham, of course.
More updateyness soon, and I'm again sorry its been so long.