Thursday, 6 September 2012

Architect cats architects! Pie infests new realms.

So.... a month has gone by. A busy busy month, some good, some bad. The girls had a great holiday, and My daughter has decided to come back and study in the UK, so is now ensconced in the spare room, like a sort of gothy/emo hermit. We are trying to get her into college, but it is a slow slow process, and as you may or may not know, I am SUPER impatient. This is making for some frowny faces. In other news, I also had my "medical assesment" from ATOS<sers>, the people sent by the government to round up the mentally ill, disabled, and handicapped, and make them all be not mentally ill, handicapped, or disabled, by taking their benefits away. Guess what? Yup. they stopped mine. Being mentally ill <depression that would make a Morrisey fan look happy>, having a ruined back <seriously, I make  a sound like a transformer when I sit/stand>, ruined eye sight < to the point where I walked into my own kitchen wall three times today, I only have one eye. The other one isn't happy either>, is apparently not enough. A big fat 0 points. So I, and my component parts, are appealing the descision.
This did lead to a massive mental wobble, and me posting something on facebook, and not even remembering I did it. I'm sorry to anyone who got upset, but I love you all. I am just a bit messed up in the neurochemistry department at the moment. More pills, more blood tests.

In happy news, the workshop has been completed, supervised by Mystery who sat around watching various labours, and offering useful tips. Mim is in charge of interior decor.
Highly shedlike                  

It looked like this... pre mimming.

Wood, giant tapeworm, and discarded instructions.

 After a little tutting, wandering about, sniffing, and telling mystery how to paint, mim came up with this colour scheme.
Mim surveys her jaunty work, Mystery wonders why he is nailed to the top.

bright jaunty interior, just right for leaving mouse faces in

She did a damned fine job, and I'm sure that The boys jaws will stop aching from all the paintbrush holding, soon.
Pie has been working so hard, all he has been able to do is flop into bed at night. He has, on account of his skinny nature, been sat on a few times by humans. This bothers him not.
He just lays there, hogging the bed, farting, snoring , and dribbling. Its like having an extra me sleeping there.
NO NOOOOOO! Just five more minutes!
Mim has, when not decorating, been chasing about waving her tail madly, and hissing at stuff, mainly Pie, and me. I'm not sure what she is up to, but I bet it is evil. It probably involves dead things.
If I glue this to a mouse, It will be good, oh yes, oh yes.
Mystery has become an almost permanent fixture on the roof of the shed. I'm not sure if he is on guard, waiting to hit me on the head as I enter, or if the pesky sun has squashed him again.
None shall pass. Unless they have ham, of course.
More updateyness soon, and I'm again sorry its been so long.

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