Wednesday, 28 March 2012

The belly black hole,

How the hell does one cat manage to eat so much? Yes Mr Pie, I'm looking at you, you orange tubber.
Now then..... Pie is an old cat, we think 13/14 years> he is a bit  <well quite a lot> smelly, skinny of haunch, ribby and thin. He is also quite a small cat. Yes, he is wormed <which is good due to the fact worms are  spew inducingly gross>.
I have never, however, seen a cat who will eat so much stuff, and such a varied diet. I've even seen him eat Mystery's sick, one of the grimmest things ever.
Anyhow......Today he ate his food, and then made a dash for the black avengers bowl. Not normally a wise move, as Mystery is twice his size and made of muscles and sharp things. Mystery was sadly being discombobulated by me putting the recycling out, so  Pie single mindedly ate his food in a most loud and disgusting manner, before running to the queen of pains bowl, and polishing that off too. He then came back and miowed at me to feed him, the furry chancer.
So full....can't....move.
He reminds me of the tale of Utgard-Loki, Yes, I think my fat ginger catten may be the Midgaard serpent, in disguise.


  1. Hate to be serious, Lord of the Voles, but could he be suffering from something like hyperthyrodism or some other medical condition? And it is still possible the Ginger Porker has a worm of some sort....Ah! Got to love them though.

    1. I reckon it's cos his prior owners didn't look after him so well towards the end, for various reasons, so he eats whenever he gets the oportunity.


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