Thursday, 1 March 2012

Securing the digital domain, and the furry doom spear.

First of all....Dydd Dewi Sant hapus pawb <Happy Saint David's day to all>. There that is about thirty percent of my Welsh vocabulary expended.
Today I have not been painting, I have been learning all about the wonderful world of digital copyrighting, and also  figuring out how to use layers in photoshop, so I can do the clever and professional "putting your name over the picture, discreetly, to stop people nicking your stuff" effect. Win! I was going to ask my friends nine year old daughter about such matters, as she is a wiz with digital art, although I have no idea about her knowledge of copyright law.

Me, as a judge. Or a bat in a wig.
Would a bat in a wig bite the head off of Ozzy Osbourne?
 Whilst taking a break earlier, I happened to espy the big  mackerel tabby, who I have named "Gargantua", sitting on the retaining wall in the garden. I crept out to the kitchen to admire this massive stripy wonder of the natural world, who was sunning himself, and looking round the garden in a vaguely proprietary manner.
        With the odd telepathic abilities of cats, he sensed my presence and slowly swung his head round <cue a grating noise, like two slabs of granite grinding against each other> to look at me. His eyes opened slightly wider, as he registered that I was 1. A stranger, and 2. Watching him. His eyes opened even wider, when, from below, Mystery exploded vertically towards him, like a sleek black rocket from hell, and speared him clean off the wall and several feet into the garden.
Mystery looked very smug.

The last thing many have seen.


  1. Mystery is clearly Cuchulainn in cat form - salmon leaping ftw.

    1. You may have a point there. He does have warp spasms if not fed whenever he wants food.


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