Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Crouching Tiger, hidden Mystery.

We have some new furniture, a very nice wooden bookcase that we are using to replace the CD storage unit, where the CD s would fall in a beautiful cascade of broken cases and fluttering inserts, every we time we did anything near them. I do mean anything.... like blink. I swear a voles heart beat would set them tumbling <Mim would help us with this, if it was vole season>  The case has a section with doors on at the bottom and.......two cat sized shelves.  Ruth took the handles off to clean them, after she polished the unit, and left the doors slightly open.

Yes its a crappy pic, but you get the idea.

This could only end with some devious feline shennanigans. I watched and waited. Eventually Mystery <stealth beast, usurper of soft furnishings> came zooming out of the garden, past the Mr Pie <orange horror, maker of smells>, who was standing by the kitchen door, hit Pie in the head... and then vanished.

Predator? .... Pah! Rank ameteur.

Pie launched  <I say launched, he sort of jumped shook his poor paw and scooched into the living room in a nervous, indignant way > into the living room and clawed to a halt looking round in bemusement. Where was his nemesis? In the bathroom? No. Under the table? No. That meant he must be in the other living room.

Where in the name of ceiling cat, is he?

As he passed the new unit, I espied a baleful yellow eye glinting with malevolence from within. Mere moments later the black spear of lethality  exploded from his lair, smashing into Pie like a hairy sledge hammer. Pie fell over.
Mystery scampered away into the other room, where I heard yowling as he ran face first into the queen of pain, who had been waiting round the corner the whole time.

When the rodent revolution comes.....Actually, I don't think there will be enough of them left to start a revolution.

Truly, she is a patient force of evil.

The ongoing turf conflict is going to see one of them up for war crimes soon. I hope there are no mouse jurors.


  1. Lol! Nice to see they are still up to no good. Mim the mistress of evil as ever

    1. Her malevolence and cunning grows daily.

  2. Ah, good to hear that they are playing nicely together ;) My best budski has two boycats and a girlcat and the girl is constantly stalking, pouncing on and generally menacing the poor boys.

    1. Is she Tortoiseshell like the Mim creature? Because I think they are all insane.

    2. No, this one is black. However, the two boycats (who are both white) did grow up with an insane tortoiseshell sister, which may be why they take the beatings in such good spirit.


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