Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Time share roof, and night time terror.

First off. Yes. I am painting still, but its a super secret project for someone *Looks askance*, so you will have to wait to hear about it.

The Queen of pain is expanding her sphere of influence. No longer content with owning the realm of bed, and controlling Bathroomvia, she has stepped outside. Thats right, she has colonized the roof.
We were sitting watching telly the other night, when there was a thunderous rumble. Was it the rumble of thunder? No! It was the rumble of tiny white paws charging up and down the roof. She has annexed the slates, or so she thinks.

I can survey my realm from here....Also I want that bacon I can smell.

However there is a  rival who takes over when she sleeps. Mim doesn't know this though, and unless she figures how to use my laptop she never will.
Let me tell you how I stumbled upon this dark knowledge:
After a restless night I awoke, only to find it still dark-ish..... but not so dark as I couldn't see the orange horrors posterior aimed squarely at my face, as he whiffily slept on my chest. I knew he was loaded and ready to fire <cos he always is> so I wiggled slightly to get him to move over, and that is when I heard it.
"What in the name of the gods was that?"

I gulped nervously, wondering what manner of night demon was clawing through the roof.

I wiggled down nder the duvet a bit, as we all know the duvet is guard against all forms of night horror.
"TwiIt TWoOoOoo-Hooo"
I jumped so hard I launched Mr Pie from my chest merely with the power of my shoulder blades contracting. It was a real "brown duvet" moment.
< Coincidentally, the duvet cover is actually brown, so no one would have known.....>

Yes, Mouse-render the tawny owl has stolen Mim's crown as king/queen of the castle, but only between the hours of midnight to seven A.M.

I am nemesis of the voooooooole.

Spring has definitely hit with a vengeance, Mystery is getting into practice, by trying to hunt the Collard doves, who out wit him, whilst looking like emo pigeons. The slaughter season, where the cats wade through a see of small crunchy things is nigh.

Going to listen to some My Chemical Romance, then get brutally eaten alive....awesome.


  1. Slaughter season, yes, but what japes! What thrills! Queen Booboo of Frigemallia despatched a small brown lizard unto the realm of his ancestors today. Not enough for all of us, alas, so Vince & I had to content ourselves with barbecued tripe sausages.

    1. Oh the high jinx they will all have! scattering mousey faces all through the house, in a tribute to their dark gods.

  2. By the way, like the idea of emo dove!

    1. I shall see what i can find......


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