Saturday, 3 March 2012

Shrimps and sea snot.

We went to Penrhos park yesterday. Here is a   link  to their site, as I am very tired and also don't want to bore the bejeezus out of you with windy explanations. Suffice to say it a lovely spot for a stroll at any time of the year.  Both armed with cameras,we endeavored to get some half way decent pictures as we wandered about, enjoying the unseasonably clement weather.
You think they're cuddly, I think they're sinister.
perambulating like a sir.
Having watched ducks being inscrutable, and many small birds reacting in irritation to our being in their woods, we carried on out of the woods and down to the beach. It is one of the few places I have been where you can literally step from mixed woodland straight onto a beach without dunes. I love it, it's like skipping from one world into another. There were some loud girls on the headland, but it was easy enough to pretend they were seagulls.


I tried my hand a photographing mini beasts, but my camera isn't up to the task. Mind you, did get some evidence of wading birds pillaging the worm population.

Worm CSI had no problem with this case.

Meh, never mind, one day I will have a nice one. Whilst  observing the mini shrimps that fled from me in their rock pools <I felt like I was their god. Hmm..... we have Cthulhu, I wonder if there is a shrimp author somewhere that tells tales of a giant tentacle-less pink otherworldly god, who wears a terrible hat>  I happened upon a strange object. A green ball about the size of a large grape bobbing beneath the surface, so I retrieved it. It was slimy, cold and flopped flat in my palm. Ladies and gentlemen, I can proudly announce .... I found some sea snot! I can only conclude that a mermaid with sinusitis had been in the area recently.

What in the name of the old ones is it?

We asked a local dog walker, a sweet man with a really hairy nose, if he knew what it might be. He replied "David Cameron's brain". Topical but not especially helpful. I set the aquatic nose goblin free in a rock pool, and we wandered back into the woods, passing through some small narrow arches in these random  big stone walls that litter the area, like the walls of some stately home, but in splendid decay, and growing out of the  woods, like some beautiful, corrupt, Narnia.
The fresh air was quite knackering and we spent most of the evening clapped out, me on my bean bag with the orange nightmare asleep and farting on my chest.
good times.


  1. Sea snot, eh? Quick! Send for Heston Blumenthal!

    1. Lol, seved on a bed of shredded shrimp legs


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