Wednesday, 14 March 2012

I think the robins shot all the otters.

Topsy turvy time for me of late. Been sort of down and not feeling so good, so haven't posted for a bit. Stuff has been going on though. We went for a lovely walk in Cegin woods last week, and searched in vain for badgers and otter signs.

A shady river dell, complete with ghastly troll.

We didn't find any, but  did espy a tree stump full of pebbles, indicating the water had come way up recently. The flooded bits around me should have been a clue.

The yearly pebble migration began.

The walk was lovely and peaceful. The Robins  < who are natures thugs - their chests are red to hide the blood of their foes, and they shout abuse and rascism at other birds- probably> were pretending to be charming in the small branches, and to be fair to them, doing a pretty good job.

YOU GREY FEATHERY BASTA....Um, I mean "tweet tweet warble"

Maybe these feathered gangsters were the reason there were no signs of Badgers, Crabadgers, or Otters. They had either killed and feasted on them, or had run them out of their 'hood.
These woods are along the old slate railway line from Bethesda to port Penrhyn, and are a credit to those who look after them.
No otters here, move along.

Cat related issues: The orange horror, marmalade fiend that he is, has decided that the spot on the rug in front of our log fire is his, all his. Noone else can have it, and he is making sure that all fires built are quality controlled by him applying one flank, then the other, towards the fire. If he approves, he curls into a tiny ball, and starts to make an odd rumbling noise. He hasn't been up to sneeze in my ear as a greeting in days.
The Mim beast has got a dose of "spring fever" and is charging around everywhere looking for things to subjugate, eat, violate, and/or torture. She is in her blood stained element, and is all fuzzy tail and crazy eyes.
Mystery is playing the waiting game, and seeing what the others are up to, from atop a heap of shopping bags.

More tomorrow.....I must tell you about swan sharpening.


  1. A truly marvellous blog - how can the Robin, with a song so sweet be considered a thug though?

    1. It's true, they are monsters. Tiny pointy faced monsters.
      I'm glad you like the blog :D

  2. Perhaps one of the other Gods ought to re-brand him/herself as Noone!


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