Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Updated, belated, and a kitty gyrated.

I am back! I have had a busy spurt, combined with my natural forgetfulness, and being coated in mud and then deep frozen at a Live Roleplay event.... well thats my excuses and I stand by them.
I have picked up a job from a  well known zoological establishment for some art, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to mention the establishment at the moment, until its all signed off. But it IS good to know people like my work. Likewise, I may have some stocked in small tourist shop soon. I'm going to send  query/abusive/ downright threatening emails to some galleries and arty shops too. Especially the more flammable ones. <Kidding, I'd never burn a shop down... but Mim might>
The thing with the government is going well too. I'm going for some training in the art of running a business, and then I can start on the  <quite frankly pant piddlingly scary> road to self employment and financial terror.
I may be a colossal arse, but i can't help but like his bird pictures.

News in the world of cats:
Mystery has decided to gnaw his own bum off, and  I'm not sure why. I think it may have something to do with Mims crimes against birds <more later>, and as a reformed bird murderer he is doing some sort of Buddhist priest type protest. Luckily he has no thumbs, so he hasn't set fire to himself. It's either that, or he had a flea allergy. Either way it looks very sore at the moment.
He went to sleep on my head the other night, as I sat on the sofa . Pie was on my lap, snoring and smelling awful, and the boy <wisely> decided that my head was a safer sleeping spot than the spare cushion, where he might get breathed on. He is odd. I believe Ruth took a pic of him getting into position. I shall find it and add it.
After a brief soujourn as "other peoples cat", Tiger has a new collar that tells people not to feed him, as the hairy chancer will eat the neighbors out of house and home. He is still shouting like a mad tramp with pants on his head, first thing in the morning. But  ONLY AT ME! He just looks at ruth with thin eyes, and giver her the poor paw routine.
Speaking of tiger, Here is a picture I took the other day, as I lay in bed. This is what I see first thing in the morning.
food time now plz? Or I fart again, oh and i was in the bin whilst you slept. Good morning.
That look? That is the thin eye. He has also taken to sleeping on my hand, a bit like Mim, but with less finger chewing <see below>
None shall leave, pillow human!

 Mim has been killing again. One slightly mouldy thrush type thing was discovered hidden under the dining table, like some stink grenade. She has also been killing Bluetits and messily eating them in front of her mother. When the killing has abated, and her terrible thirst for blood has been temporarily slaked, she has been zooming round the house with her tail rotating like a fluffy propellor. She is also odd.
This evening she went to sleep sucking my thumb. It was both cute and highly disturbing, as when i tried to get my finger free <having my digits in a  predators mouth doesn't appeal to me, especially a predator I have seen bite off a mouses face>, she stuck her claws into my hand and looked at me as if to say "move it, and you will regret it, sirrah"

Camouflaged against any surface, predator cat bides her time.
In revenge, I have been making her heeb and dance for cheese dreamies.
I will add the pic of the boy as soon as I find it.

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