Saturday, 29 December 2012

Ringing in a new year. Wringing the neck of the old one.

Hello everyone.

Well, 2012 has been a topsy turvy year. Some good, some not so good, and some, quite frankly , bloody crappy bits. My plans for world domination have been temporarily put on hold, partly due to my own brain subverting my efforts. I'm still hanging in there, but the rise to  a painting super power  has been delayed, but not stopped.
Recharging my batteries over christmas, in the wilds of North Yorkshire, has been wonderful, as I have been able to explore new places, camera in hand, and shoot a load of interesting things. I quite like non fatally shooting wildlife.
BLAM! errrr..I mean....CLICK!

Our menagerie of cats has probably not even noticed our absence, as the veteran cat slave, and all round excellent friend James Phillips was looking after them. So I have little to report of  their activities, other than a text confirming that they poo like champions. They make me proud, even if Mim has developed a nip habit..
Out of her tiny tiny mind.
We have been unfaithful with other cats though! We met our friends Marc and Rebecca's cats, Professor tinycat, and Peaches. Both of whom are adorable. The prof likes sleeping on people, and clawing nostrils, whereas Peaches is a tiny mimlish trifle hunter.
MY human NOW! Ahhh hahahahahaha.
All your cream based foods NOW, or people will get hurt.
I should add them to the role call of our overlords.

A.KA: professor tinycat, ohmygodheissocute.
Appearance: Small golden eyed, black kitten with white chest, soft white paws with delicate pinky pads, and professorial white whiskers.

Demeanor: Cute and playful, prone to random sleeping, and launching himself unexpectedly at someones chin/beard nostril lining, without any apparent provocation.

Territory: Mostly laps and shoulders.


A.K.A She looks like she will be trouble when she's older. The explorer.
Appearance: A minute dark queen of pain in waiting. Peachy pink nose and a stripe of orange down her face, like she is breathing fire out of her nose. Dainty paws hide razor like weapons.
Demeanour: Layed back, licky, and adventurous. She seems to enjoy torturing humans with her needle claws and razor teeth. Will attempt to procure any cream based desserts in a several meter radius. Given to deep rumbling noises, that may be pleasure or brewing danger.
Territory: Peoples laps, any surface she can reach, trifle bowls.

Our time in  the north  included several trips to the wonderful whitby, including my birthday, where we went to MISTER CHIPS, possibly the best chippy ever, and ate until we were well and truly overhaddocked. Whitby abbey was, as always, magnificent, if a bit wet.
One abbey, saturated.

Ruth and Meleri seemed to have a great time too, everywhere we went, and it was lovely spending christmas with my daughter, the first in sixteen years. Even her sprouty emissions were bearable.
Two girls, one bridge.
This is actually the bridge that Ruth and I had our wedding pictures taken on, all those moons ago.

Anyway, back to bangor and angry/indifferent/smelly cats, and normaility tomorrow, then world domination shall swing into full flow again.

Wishing you you all the best for the new year. May 2013 bring all your wishes but one.


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  1. Ohm. Eye. Gourd. "One abbey, saturated" looks rather like a cat with a bhindi, crouching, poised for the pounce......!

    (Commenting as Ann O'Nimmus since am not quite sure if I have any of the proferred profiles).


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