Sunday, 18 November 2012

six weeks - no post - RECTIFIED.

Massively remiss of me I know." What has happened in the past six weeks" I hear you cry, dear reader. Well. On the human front, I have been falling to pieces. Lack of money, cold weather, dark days, and household stresses have been taking their toll,and I have been kind of mentally off line. Things are a bit brighter the past few days, but I'm still under the cosh of winter, ATOS, and general worry about things.
On the upside, I do have some bits to keep me busy, and some prospective comissions, so thats a plus.
I have also been toying with comic art. It is something I have always loved, from the time I used to get imported marvel and dc comics, all lurid colours and fuzzy print, with ads for xray specs, and hostess twinkies in the middle. Just thinking about them evokes the smell of cheaply printed paper.
I have a couple of friends in "the trade" Tony Lee , and  Anthony Jones, and  threy have inspired me to have a bash in this field.
Me, as a comic character.
 I know its far from perfect, but, its a start.
The workshop now has a heater, so I can stay out there into the evening, to the pleasure of Mim, and possibly the rest of the household. <Mim likes it out there>
Meleri has turned eighteen. I know this was inevitable, unless I had her frozen in carbonite, but it still made me feel old. As part of the birthdayness, we took her to see nightwish, which also made me feel old, with all the pretty young people next to my begoggled beardyness, but it was a great gig, and even though i was hopped up on big painkillers for it <as usual> we had a fine old time.
Its nightwish!
beauty and the duck faced beast.
Kids are never impressed by ANYTHING.
Halloween was also a great time down at the Tap and Spile, for our yearly shindig. Ruth went as sally, Meleri as a broken doll, and me as a were badger. I won the best cozzy <yay>, although i thought Ruth should have.
Totally cool.
Broken dolls are never impressed by ANYTHING.
badgers badgers badgers badgers.
We also have a new car. Ruths VW was crashed into and written off. She was ok though, which is the important bit, but did sustain whiplash injuries, and has to have physio. The new car is shiny black, a peugeot, and looks like it wants to head butt someone. It has been named.....The catmobile.

Speaking of cats....
WE noticed the queen of pain was off her food, but thought it was her just being a mardy arse, as she now has claimed Meleri's bedroom, and lurks there like a fuzzy dragon, gaurding her horde of dirty laundry. After a day or so I was fussing her <Mim, not Meleri> when i noticed a swelling on her neck. She had a HUGE abscess, hidden by her face fluff. To the vets we went, he was impressed by the size of the lump and was going to excise it the next day. Mim thought differently. she went upstairs, lay on our bed, and clawed it open. All over our bed. It was probable revenge for making her go to the vet. It was also some deleted scene from alien. Ruth cleaned it up, in her nursing manner, and the next day it was treated. The main downside was trying to give Mim her antibiotics. Ruth manages it ok, but Mim turns into a growling bag of needle sharp rage if I try. My wounds are now healing well.
My new bio weapon! pew pew! squirt!
Mr Pie is still sleeping on my chest at every opportunity, and has resumed hostilities with Lord Heebus, who paffs him into his rightful place every time he gets uppity.

Pie "Check my skills out! Ninja! PCHOW! HI_YAAAAA!"
Mystery "paff"
Pie "Well played, well played"
*Mystery looks smug*
*Pie sneezes*
Mim "I Kiiiiillll you"

Gah! Pie attack!
In my head, I am a fierce warrior.
I kill you all.
Finally. My little resident, the comma butterfly, decided to go outside and fend for itsself over winter. Fare the well and see you in the spring. I will miss it sitting on the wall by my paper storage.

More updates soon. Honest.


  1. Mmmm abscesses. The bane of the pet owners life. Bayleigh has managed to grow one on her big, floppy ear. Hague burst it today - uber gross!


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