Sunday, 29 July 2012

Gathering source material. Stackable closeup cats abound!

The camera has been acquired! Now I roam around the countryside shooting things. It's a bit like being the king of Spain, without all the hassle of going and troubling the elephants of Botswana. No no fair reader, I shoot them using only the power of light. Yeah, that's right, I have a telephoto lens. I need my own pics for painting source material, and the camera < A canon dslr EOS 1100D> is the ideal way to do it. Thank you government. The rest of the business start up gubbinz is being ordered tomorrow.
Ruth and I went out for a meander today, and with her spotting butterflies for me <She is MUCH better at it than me>,  I got some nice shots.
A meadow brown.

A red admiral
 I also trod in some cow poop, cut my elbow, got stung by nettles, cut my shin on some brambles, and nearly threw up at the smell of the place a sheep had recently met its end. I'm a low budget Ray Mears!  Ruth carried on, serene as a cloud, spotting butterflies and looking lovely with her new scarf that she knitted, and  I took photos of, for her "Ravelry". Something to do with knitting and its arcane arts.
It's called "cats paw" pattern. *nods knowledgeably*

 We were also watched by some small cows, who were clearly waiting for our backs to turn, so they could eat us.
cow monster watches you fall into nettles.
 Of course, the best way to get to know a new camera, as we all know, is to take a LOT of pictures of cats. We have a lot of cats, so this is a happy coincidence.  Mystery is normally hard to take pics of, as he is black, and all you see is black cat shape, and yellow menacing eyes, but i have persevered, and with the aid of Ruth waving a stick in the air, managed to get some good ones of him. He is not camera shy in the slightest, in fact we had to stop him from going and getting a feather boa to pose with, the shameless thing. He showed his displeasure, by shouting loudly for his agent. He was there for some time.
Paint me like one of your french girls.
The ennui of modern youth.
The Nosferatu remake was going well

I want to renegotiate my contract. Or kill you in the face!

Mim has taken to loudly peeping, and running off whirling her tail insanely, if she thinks I'm about to take a picture, So I have become cunning and sneaky. She caught a mouse the other night, and was feigning disinterest in it until Pie showed up. Then there was a sort of stand off, as Pie slunk about being fat, orange, and moochy, whilst Mim behaved like a minute air raid siren, and growled, whilst shouting "YUM YUM YUM" to indicate that the mouse was firmly hers.
Pie "You have a mouse my queen! A most handsome catch"
Mim "Miiiiine all miiiine" * cackles insanely*
Pie  " you do realise that I shall try and steal it, as soon as you blink, right?"
Mim "I will punch you so hard your whiskers will go into orbit" * picks up mouse*
Mouse "Hey! I'm still alive"
Mim "That's why I'm going to start with your feet"

*screams and crunching*

"Pie looks away, appalled*
Oh crap, oh crap oh crap.
Curses, foiled again.

Cat photography is fun.

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